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UC for Couples

Universal Credit (UC) will bring lots of different changes.

If you believe you will be claiming UC as a couple, here is some information on the best way to do this.


First things first, what do we mean when we say couple?

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) say two people are classed as a couple if they live in the same house and are; civil partners, married or living together as though they are married.

To be able to claim Universal Credit (UC) as a couple you and your partner must:

  •  Live at the same address
  • Live in Wales, England or Scotland
  • Be 18 or older
  • Not be in full-time education
  • Be under state pension age (You can check what this is for you on the Gov.UK website here)
  • Not have savings of £16,000 or more

If you think this includes you and you are part of a couple you will need to make a joint claim. To get set-up and ready to go for Universal Credit, one person (so either you or your partner) must fill in a claim form. There are lots of ways to do this; choose whatever works best for you whether that’s online, over the phone or face to face in your local Job Centre* or council.

Once you’ve completed a claim and applied for UC, you need to contact your local Job Centre within seven days to make an appointment with a work coach.

Then, both you and your partner will need to accept a ‘Claimant Commitment.’ This is a record that explains your responsibilities so you can receive UC, as well as what will happen if you don’t meet them.

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The important things for you to remember are:

  • You won’t be able to make a claim on your own if you’re living with your partner; it has to be a joint claim
  •  Even though one of you may not be entitled to it, any earnings and savings will still be considered when you complete the joint claim form
  • All of your Universal Credit payments will be paid into a bank account of your choice once a month. This could be a single account (in either your name or your partner’s) or a joint account you both share

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Job centre’s in RCT:

Aberdare – 0843 816 6266
Mountain Ash – 0845 606 0234
Pontypridd – 0345 604 3719
Tonypandy – 0345 604 3719
Porth – 01443 614125
Treorchy – 0843 816 6266
Merthyr Tydfil – 0843 487 1844
Caerphilly – 0843 816 6266
Pontyclun - 0843 816 6266
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 RCT Council Contact

 01443 425002

Here to help…

If you are a Trivallis tenant you can contact Trivallis’ Money Advice team on 03000 030 888 if you have any questions about how Universal Credit will affect you or email MAT@trivallis.co.uk You can also call the Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 9344. They’re open Monday to Friday from 8.00am until 6.00pm. Use this number to report any changes to your circumstances that you think might affect your claim.

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UC Help

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Universal Credit live service – tel:0800 328 9344
Universal Credit full service – tel:0800 328 5644