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Types of accounts

There are lots of bank accounts you can open with your local branch.

If you’re unsure about where to start, visit the Money Saving Expert website to see what different basic bank accounts are available and find the best one for you.

Opening a bank account

When you open a bank account you will be asked to bring proof of identity and proof of your address.

Proof of identity

Each bank has a list of things that you can use for proof of your identity and your address but broadly speaking, proof of identity can be your driving licence or provisional licence, passport, or national identity card (EU/EEA). If you don’t have any of these things don’t panic as there are other forms of identity you can use – just give the bank a quick ring to see what else you can bring.

Proof of address

Proof of address will usually be something like a recent council tax bill, utility bill, tenancy agreement or mortgage statement. Again, there are other things you can use for proof of your address just double check with your chosen branch.

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Credit score

It’s worth you knowing that the bank will also run a check on your credit history. If you have a bad credit score you might be entitled to a fee free basic bank account. It’s a good option if you’re struggling to get a standard account. There are a number of advantages with fee-free basic accounts which include:

  • No fees or missed payments
  • You can build up a credit history
  • Offers a lot of the same services as a regular current account