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Universal Credit will change the way you receive your benefits.

Universal Credit is now live in Rhondda Cynon Taff; this means if you are of working age and have a change in circumstances you may be moved from the benefits you currently receive. Explore this site to find out how Universal Credit will affect you and how you can prepare.

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Although Universal Credit is different to what you’re used to it can be made easy if you follow these steps and get yourself prepared.

1. Getting yourself a bank account

Your Bank

2. Applying online for Universal Credit

Getting Online

3. Budgeting your monthly payments

Living Costs

The Latest News on Universal Credit

Man confused about universal credit News
14th May 2019

Getting more help on Universal Credit

Some of the changes that the government has made to Universal Credit will make some people financially better off. From April 2019, certain households who are working could receive more…
Universal Credit and pensioners News
11th April 2019

No extra amounts awarded for pensioners under Universal Credit

Universal Credit and pensioners Universal Credit is a working age benefit and does not replace Pension Credit. However, there are some changes being introduced by the government on the 15…
13th February 2019

Universal Credit for families with three or more children

Up until the 1st February 2019, families who had three or more children could not claim Universal Credit (UC), but this restriction is no longer in place and this could…